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-  Highly resistant to liquids 

This allows cork to be used as containers for keeping things inside dry as well as for planters for allowing excess water to seep out.

-  Hypo-allergenic

Cork doesn't absorb dust and is anti-bacterial, making it ideal for tableware and keeping this hygenic.

-  Lightweight

The air trapped between the cell walls makes cork a very light material. 

One of the primary materials we use for our products is cork and we love it. We chose cork for 2 reasons.

One: It’s sustainable.

Cork grows on the bark of trees that can be harvested without ever cutting down the tree. Cork then regrows on the same trees and can be harvested over 16 times through its life span.

Two: While there are a lot of sustainable materials waiting to be tapped, there are very few with as many qualities as cork. 

-  Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable

Cork is a naturally occurring raw material extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus Suber L.).

Here goes the list

-  Elastic and compressible

It is the only solid which, when compressed on one side, does not increase in volume on another; and as a result is used for making containers air-tight.

-  Highly Abrasion and Impact Resistant

Doesn't break upon falling. Oh, how we wish phones could be made out of cork.

-  Thermal and Acoustic Insulator

Cork's low conductivity to heat and high sound absorbency makes it quite useful for coasters and trays. 

And that's it folks. These properties together are one of most unique combinations occurring in the natural world and that's why we want to make everything out of it.

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