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A story of freshness



The founder, Nidhi, conceived Fun/ctional as a means to create products that offer a fresh perspective on our understanding of good design. While studying in Parsons, New York, she was inspired by the Bauhaus Movement of 1919 which strongly believed in 'truth to materials', or in other words, using materials in its most appropriate and “honest” form

For example, the bath containers are made out of cork which is practically impermeable to liquids, hypoallergenic and highly abrasion resistant, making them more durable and ideal for bathrooms.



We have our own in-house design team where we explore with different materials and processes to create fresh and innovative designs.

P.S. Our favorite currently is cork



Most of our products can be customized, be it color, size or fabric. You can even personalize your products with engraving/print. If you have something specific in mind, get in touch. Our design team is equipped to help you from the ideation phase down to the final product.


Our designs are minimal, fuss-free and address the needs of modern spaces. The clean aesthetic of our products bring about a sense of calm and joy.

Brown Leaves
couple tray01.jpg


Most important of all, we are conscious of the materials and processes we use and how that affects our eco-system.

At Fun/ctional, we have adopted the concept of Cradle to Cradle, a design philosophy inspired by nature in which all parts of a product (can) go back to the 'cradle' and are either reused, recycled or upcycled.

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